Veteran one step closer to sanctuary Rescue faces of hope dream to help PTSD veterans
Veteran one step closer to sanctuary Rescue faces of hope dream to help PTSD veterans
Veteran serviceman Cpl Tom Seaton-Norton who lives in Goole with his partner Sarah Tindal, Toms 18 years service includes tours during Afghanistan war and Iraq War with the infantry regiment 2 Royal Anglian Regiment before spending the last 4 years as a member of the combat camera team, is one step closer to his dream of setting up a foundation for servicemen and women who have suffered PTSD using rescue dog.
During his latest trip to Bulgaria land was donated by William Bradford in memory of his late wife Christine Bradford who had a love for dogs. Clearing work has started for the sanctuary witch will be home to 50 rescue dogs that will live out their natural life an d help verteran service personal and retired police offices

Toms last visit was to study strays on the streets and people’s reactions/actions towards them a tip was a prime location to start where street dogs could found looking for a meal armed with camera and bags of food tom set out to feed and study their lifestyle

Arriving late morning to find a small pack of stray dogs rumaging around the tip, along with a family who worked the tip to find items to salvage restore and sell in order to live, the family included two extremely inquisitive and interested young boys around 10 years old, both wanted to-be involved feeding the dogs, not long before the boys were stood at my side waiting to hand out food to the i dogs,Excitement and happiness on the faces of the young boys as they watched the dogs as their stomachs began to fill with the food they had handed fed.

Children are the future of any country and any society, with the right education they can become the prevention and protection for the dogs within their societies and countries. Prevention is far greater than a cure (more on prevention tomorrow).

One of the fundamental factors of the Rescue faces of hope Sanctuary is a education program for the young, a program that will not only educate the youth of Bulgaria in how to correctly treat, care for and love the amazing dogs of their country but will also educate them on the true magic dogs bring to the world!

Before leaving the area Tom and his partner Sarah call into the local shop in the village and purchased a weeks worth of food two young boys and their family including dog food. Adding a promise of more if they continued to feed and look after the dogs that live at the tip!

Rescue faces of hope need your help to build this education sanctuary you can help purchasing any gift items including buy a brick from our online store

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