Bulgaria culture and lifestyle


Personally documentary Photography is more powerful in monochrome Bulgarian Gypsea horse and cart full with plastic waste ...more

Mother and baby stand at the front of their Small village garden.


Village culture portraits in a village at the foothills of the Strandja mountains ...more

Coffee, coffee shops and mental health


Digital darkroom and coffee shops ...more

Details in the wings


The Peacock's spectacular pattern of eyespots evolved to startle or confuse predators, make it one of the most easily recognized and best-known species. ...more

Wildlife needs you


Wildlife during lockdown
Over 750,000 hectares of land, 800 miles of coastline, millions of hectares of woodland, wetlands and meadows help millions of people live a healthy lifestyle, frightening for laws and policies to protect our world ...more

Moments of wildlife


Nikon gear and sigma lens for my wildlife photography works well a Nikon user for over three decades in my field of professional photography Press and Public Reflections. Wildlife photography is just an extension of my former skills ...more

Scientific study, 11,000 scientists on climate


Scientific study over the last four decades ...more

Bread for duck


Always have taken brown bread with me to the local pond with my grandchildren to feed the wetland birds ...more

Wetland birds and Vultures group tour


Black Sea Coast early to late June for Vultures and wetland birds a shot break photography holiday. ...more

We need Bees


My granddaughter says we Bees for the next generation NPA Wildlife in a new adventure for Norton Photo Agency (EST1991) my passion is shared with my partner Sue Stockdale our aim is to offer professional workshops, photo tours Holiday cottage let (Bulgaria) day workshops UK enjoy our photographs.

Here are a few of my images which may be purchased as prints. Black and White' or 'Colour' collections to open the relevant galleries. Thousands of other photographs are also available to purchase as prints, or for commercial use, so do feel free to email me with any requests.

Photo prints, Fine art prints, framed pictures, canvas and block mounted pictures are provided to business and for home decoration throughout the world.
Pictures are installed few International airports, office decoration, our photographs are also on sale in small craft stores England and Bulgaria ...more

Looking forward capturing this young mother again Nikon D850 Sigma sports lens 150-600


Looking forward capturing this young mother again Nikon D850 /D7200 Sigma sports lens 150-600 mm Breeding stats ...more

Little Egret


Little Egret checking his undercarriage and a brush up of the flight feathers. ...more