Grey heron reflection during his pond fishing

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Morning or afternoon bird photography lesson at Rutland Water NR
Morning or afternoon bird photography lesson at Rutland Water NR

Grab your camera and join me as we head to the western end of the water, where we will find the Anglian Water Bird Watching Centre which features a viewing gallery, interactive displays and shops ideal starting point for your lesson moving on from auto and beginners to advance bird photography
The Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre at Egleton offers exciting
* 31 bird watching hides
* habitats including woodland, grassland and wetlands
* wide range of insects, birds, mammals and amphibians
* rare plants
* nature and walking trails

Before setting off first we will set down at the sparrow run through a few photography techniques including the exposure triangle this hide is an ideal location to develop your garden bird feeders photography, moving on to a lagoon hide for some in-depth tuition.
Harvest mouse life span is 18 months
Harvest mouse life span is 18 months
Captured on Nikon D7200 Sigma 105 macro harvest mouse a small rodent native to Europe, typically found in fields of cereal crops like wheat, oats, also found living in wetland reed beds, tall ground végétation and hedgerows
Harvest mice can live for up to 18 months but often it is no more than 6 months. Modern farming methods have not been good for the harvest mouse. Harvest Mice enjoy crawling into flowers to eat the pollen, have been known sometimes to fall asleep after a good pollen treat. Harvest mouse are not endangered :Least Concern (Population stable) The Harvest Mouse (Micromys minutus) is the smallest rodent in Britain common in parts of Wales and from Yorkshire southwards however, it is not found on high ground also found across Europe and Asia. Harvest Mice are easy to keep in a healthy condition and make interesting but not touchy-feely pets. They grow accustomed to having people present and active around them and behave as normally as their conditions allow. Naturally spend most of the colder winter months underground you may observe less activity during this time period. #wildlife #nature #animals #wildanimals @carbonblackandwhite #carbonblackandwhite #instagrammers #igers #instalove #instamood #instagood #followme #follow #comment #shoutout #iphoneography #androidography #filter #filters #hipster #contests #photo #instadaily #igaddict #TFLers #photooftheday #pics #insta #picoftheday #harvestmouseSigma 105 macro lens